"NBC’s Community (1.3/5) dived 24% from last week to a series low. Remarkably, the comedy still ranked as NBC’s highest-rated program of the night for a third straight week with The Office in repeats. All of NBC’s originals were down double-digits from last week to series lows."

(via this Deadline article on Thursday’s abysmal night of ratings.)

I think, NBC, it’s time you just accept that:

  • The Nielson system is fucked.
  • You will never have the numbers you had 10 years ago. The entire cast of Friends could appear on Up All Night and you’d still not have the ratings. 
  • That said, you still have some of the best comedies on network television. Don’t compare their numbers to CBS’s comedies: your Community and Up All Night and Bent and Parks & Rec may not pull in any viewers, but they’re better shows, smarter shows, funnier shows, than Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men and that show with David Spade that is inexplicably still on the air.
  • You’ve also got some clunkers on your hands, that you gave full season pick ups for no good reason. Nobody wants a second season of Whitney. Nobody. Give that money to Greendale, where it’s being used to resuscitate the sitcom and elevate it to a higher level of television.
  • Also, you’ve got some older Thursday night shows that are pretttttttty expensive now and are so bloated with age that they’re painful to watch. I’m looking at you, 30 Rock and The Office. Cut the fat, NBC. 
  • It’s better to have great shows nobody watches but everyone talks about than shows everyone watches and nobody talks about. Nobody thinks Dancing With The Stars is redefining entertainment. But last night’s Community, “Pillows and Blankets”, or even Awake, are two prime examples of fantastic pieces of television that would absolutely play better on HBO or Showtime or FX, but they’re on you, NBC, so cut them some slack.
  • The Nielson system is fucked. It’s worth repeating.