"Clean Jokes:

1. Chickens are dumb."
— Louis CK, LOUIE Season 4, Episode 2: “Model”

Dear AIDS,

Please cut it out.

How’s the weather in AIDS-land?

— Louis CK, LOUIE Season 4, Episode 1: “Back”
"Keep a tiger as a pet, it’s still a tiger."
— Elizabeth Jennings, The Americans Season 2, Episode 7: “Arpanet”
"I’ll keep that in mind.

And when I say ‘I’ll keep that in mind’, what I mean is ‘stop talking to me’."
— Tim Gutterson, Justified Season 5, Episode 13: “Restitution”


"I can tell you’re a man that would run into a burning building without blinking an eye. Thing is, I think you’re the one setting the fire."
Justified Season 5, Episode 6: “Kill The Messenger”


Poster Art by Francesco Francavilla

One of my favorite shows ever started this week (on FX) with a new season, so you get this now :D

Watch this show. IT’S GOOD! :)


So great.

2014 is going to be so great you guys.

In the deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky
That’s the place where I trace my bloodline
And it’s there I read on a hillside gravestone
You will never leave Harlan alive

And with that, Justified delivered another perfect season. The show gets to the Super Bowl every year, and every year leaves with the rings.

Album Art

Here’s Dave Alvin’s cover of “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive”, from “Ghosts”, the fourth season finale of Justified.

But the times got hard and tobacco wasn’t selling
And ole granddad knew what he’d do to survive
He went and dug for Harlan coal
And sent the money back to granny
But he never left Harlan alive

Where the sun comes up about ten in the morning
And the sun goes down about three in the day
And you fill your cup with whatever bitter brew you’re drinking
And you spend your life just thinkin’ of how to get away

Played 1777 times.
"Bad things happen, not only in literature."
— Margo Martindale on The Americans for all the wins.

Why are you lyin’ to me, Colt?

Perfect scene.

I rewound and watched this scene over and over and over and over. Great fucking television.

Boyd’s reaction? Boyd and Ava with the gunfight between them? Raylan and Ava discussing the engagement right before? None of them knowing what was happening? Justified is the best.

"The pilot begins with what might be among the 10 best minutes of TV viewers will see all year. A woman—instantly recognizable as Keri Russell, even with a bad blonde wig—seduces a man who’s very close to the newly installed Ronald Reagan administration. To the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” (a song this teaser deconstructs and rebuilds seemingly dozens of times), the audience is propelled three days later…"

From the AV Club’s review of the pilot of FX’s The Americans, which I just watched (four weeks late), and I agree, it was a brilliant opening, and it’s use of “Tusk” was fantastic. With a matched ending, the pilot did it’s job: I now want to watch the rest of this new series.

And hey, guess what, with The Americans picked up for a second season, now is the perfect time to marathon it’s first four episodes!

Marry me? Marry me? Marry me?

Marry me?