Wil Myers breaks camera

Now that’s great television.


Wil Myers breaks camera

Now that’s great television.

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Last night I saw MATT & KIM at the Music Box in Hollywood.

The third time I’ve seen M&K in three years, the previous two times have been at festivals (Chicago & Austin), so the chance to see them in an actual venue was something I couldn’t miss. And also, I wouldn’t miss ‘em anyways.

They are some of the most energetic performers I’ve ever seen, and their energy, enthusiasm, and sheer joy at being there and playing is infectious. Every show, they start and the place explodes.

So of course I got there before the doors opened, and of course I was at the front, and of course that meant I had to be surrounded by teenagers who like to got batshit crazy and of course that meant I threw elbows into ribcages and backs so they’d stop trying to mosh with me. I’m too old for that shit, afterall.

But I still had a great freaking time.

They are always one of the best live acts I’ll ever see.

And that energy they bring never falters, never fails.

They play again at the Music Box on Friday. I highly recommend going to that show.

Just a great fucking show by a great fucking band.

Matt and Kim - New Music - More Music Videos

Matt & Kim’s new video for CAMERAS debuted today. It’s brutal. It’s fun. It’s violent and has nothing to do with the song.

I love it. :D

If you haven’t yet bought “Sidewalks”, Matt & Kims 2010 album, then what the hell is your problem? Do you just hate great things? You must. I feel for you…