"There’s never been an episode of Southland as breathlessly terrifying as “Chaos,”" writes Kevin McFarland for the AV Club review. And he continues later with, “that is the saddest, most grotesque rug-pull of a scene scene Southland has ever achieved.”

And he later ends with "but in any case it’s an exceedingly sad and visceral episode of television. This season has been John Cooper’s story, and after the personal high of reconnecting with his ex-wife and planning to raise a child, Southland dug deep for a cavernous low point, illustrating once again how the good and bad go hand in hand for the LAPD."

Those are the pull quotes, but let me tell you: last night Southland hit it out of the park. In a season of home runs and great hits, (hell, in a series of them), last night’s episode remains a harrowing, haunting, can’t-look-away-yet-can’t-watch, astonishing episode of television.

You are doing yourself a strong disservice if you are not watching this show.