Yesterday, as I was preparing for the Late Late Show, and trying to dress in the required “upscale attire”, I found myself frustrated and angered and dismayed.

My dress shirts, ones bought within the last few months, no longer fit. One worn to a wedding in December now hangs upon me like a snuggie. I looked for all the world like Dopey in Snow White.

This is good, I guess, but terrible too. It’s not that I’ve lost more weight (I haven’t, really), it’s that my trainer and I have moved our focus to upper body and arms and chest, so, anyways, I need new nice clothes.

All of the shirts bought of late have been mediums. This is both amazing and bizarre.

Some folks have said, “You’re not planning on losing MORE weight, I hope?" as they worry I might wither way, and it does occur to me that there’s the anorexic girl syndrome of looking at yourself and seeing who you used to be, and so you keep starving yourself.

Take care, I’m not starving, and no, I’m not trying to lose more weight. Just manage what I’ve got, slim down, and build muscle. Or, that’s the plan.

Really, I’m just keeping Hot Topic in business.

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